StoryTime: Railway Ghosts and an unexplained mystery

I will also be posting some ghost stories that I or others around me have experienced. Feel free to reply me and comment down below if you want more.

Many years ago, when my mother is still a child ( around 5 years old), something unexplainable happened. My mom lived with her family, consisting of my maternal grandparents and my 4 uncles and 2 aunts, in a double storey house ( actually 3 if you count the attic). The first floor consisted of the living room and the kitchen, as well as a hallway leading to the master bedroom and my uncles’ room. The stairs lead up to the second floor with my aunts’ room and 2 guest rooms and the rest of the space is the balcony. A set of ladders at the landing leads up to the attic. In the kitchen, there is a back door that leads out to the back road with a view of the wide open field and the mountains in the background. A railway track is located on the east side of the field. Anyways, back to the story.

The railroad track was known as ” the place of death” by the residents due to the number of people getting killed in railroad accidents. The victims have their bodies smashed and mangled and their limbs torn apart. On the night of the accidents itself, residents will hear deep, scratchy voices crying out,




The voices will continue up till the point when police investigators have recovered all the body parts of the victims and then it will stop. The residents tried to appease the poor, restless souls by holding prayers for them. Now, the voices have stopped since the area was urbanized. However, workers who were involved in taking apart the railway tracks claim to still hear the voices. May those who died rest in peace.

There’s another unexplained mystery that happened in the house. The family house has a mango tree in the garden. Everyone in the house found that tree creepy and every time someone stands there or sits there, they claim someone watches them. The most creepiest part is that the mango tree will always blow against the direction of the wind. Till now, no one has an explanation for the creepy tree.


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