The Complete Purse Essentials Packing List

I feel that this will be great to share.


What’s in your purse?

What's in your purse?

I’ve compiled the ultimate purse packing list.  You don’t have to carry ALL of this at once unless you’re travelling heavy!

Colgate has a wonderful folding toothbrush. Two caveats: Tums really means Gas-X, I just didn’t want to print this out with poot pills listed on here, I am a Southern Belle after all.  And also, “Fag” is the british slang term for cigarette. It’s important for grown-ups with a certain amount of restraint to have access to a cigarette when the occasion warrants it: such as your whole city gets inundated with aliens – believe me, you’ll want a cig, or if you happen to visit with an inmate or – better yet – get arrested, you’ll need the currency. Or suppose you had an especially steamy unexpected afternoon tryst? But since I’m going to print this out and I don’t want the kids to know I…

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