MH370: Conspiracy Theory

I’m sure everyone or maybe most of you would have know about Flight MH370, which was a scheduled passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, that lost contact with air traffic control on 8 March 2014 at 1:20 MYT, less than an hour after take-off. The flight was then reported missing by Malaysian Airlines at 7:24.

The aircraft was a Boeing 777-200ER that was carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 14 nations. There has been no confirmation of any flight debris and no crash sight has been found. The flight had departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 8 March 2014 at 00:41 local time and was scheduled to land at Beijing Capital International Airport at 06:30, local time. It had climbed to its assigned altitude of 35000 feet and was travelling at 471 knots true airspeed when it ceased all communications and the transponder signal was lost. It’s last known position on 8 March at 01:21 local time was at the navigational waypoint IGARI in the Gulf of Thailand, at which it then turned westwards, heading towards a waypoint called VAMPI in the Strait of Malacca. The primary radar tracking suggests that the aircraft descended as low as 12000 feet. From there, the aircraft flew towards a waypoint called GIVAL, arriving at 2:15 local time, thereafter to the Southern Thailand Islands ( Andaman Coast) of Phuket, and was last plotted heading towards another waypoint called IGREX.

The crew was expected to contact air traffic control in Ho Chi Minh City as the aircraft passed into Vietnamese airspace, just north of the point where the contact was lost. The captain of another aircraft attempted to contact the flight by using the International distress frequency ” just after 1:30 am” to relay Vietnamese air traffic’s control request for the crew to contact it. The captain said he was able to establish contact but he just heard ” mumbling” and static.

Malaysian Airlines (MAS) issued a media statement at 07:24, one hour after the scheduled arrival of the flight at Beijing, stating that contact with the flight had been lost by Malaysian ATC at 02:40. MAS stated that the government had initiated search and rescue operations. It later emerged that  Subang Air Traffic Control had lost contact with the aircraft at 01:22 and notified Malaysian Airlines at 02:40. Neither the crew nor the aircraft’s onboard communication systems relayed a distress signal, indications of bad weather, or technical problems before the aircraft vanished from radar screens.

Now as I’ve given a little bit of information about the flight, I will list down all the conspiracy theories that have emerged regarding the mysterious disappearance of the flight. The following theories are taken from

It’s a terrifying thought that even in a world rattled by 9/11, planes can still vanish without a trace.

Though the search effort for MH370 sounds like it’s getting closer, that hasn’t stopped the internet going into overdrive speculating as to what may, or may not, have happened. Even Courtney Love is claiming that she may have found the missing plane.

While internet denizens hash out theory after theory, we hope some peace of mind can come to the passengers and crews’ families soon.

Anything’s got to be better than the 12 conspiracy theories below.


This theory is coming to you from The Sunday Express, who took a break from writing about Princess Diana to deliver us this shocking piece of news. MH370 may well have been hijacked with a mobile phone. This information supposedly comes from anti-terror experts and a former Home Office advisor, who evidently don’t understand how technology works.

The claim is that a phone can be used to wirelessly hack into the plane’s systems and, “change the plane’s speed, altitude and direction by sending radio signals to its flight management system. It could then be landed or made to crash by remote control.”

This is apparently possible because MH370 is one of the first iterations of what is known as a ‘smart plane’ a fly-by-wire aircraft controlled by electronic signals. Oh and apparently, this sort of hijacking can also be done with a USB stick. I’m no expert in aerospace engineering, but this sounds like it’s completely made up in order to shift more newspapers.


Due to the plane transporting 20 employees from Texas based technology firm Freescale Semiconductors, theories have arisen that the plane was being used to test “cloaking technology”, hence the disappearance from the radar.

Apparently, this technology would make the plane invisible to radar and almost impossible to spot with the naked eye. There are two main theories here: One is that the Chinese got wind of the technology on board and diverted the plane to get their hands on it, the other is that the US realised the Chinese may get hold of it and shot the plane down to stop that from happening.


Mysterious disappearance? Check. No logical explanations? Check. No leads? Check. Well this definitely sounds like an alien abduction movie, so it’s no surprise that some people have been jumping on this bandwagon, with some people even going as far as claiming that there was a UFO spotted on radar prior to the plane’s disappearance. Though honestly, it’s a bit of a step-up from abducting drunk weirdos on a Saturday night.


I mentioned this very briefly when talking about the “cloaking tech” that may, or may not, have been on board, but it’s more plausible a theory than any other, you could argue. Some say it was the US wotdunnit, for whatever reason, while others claim it may have been North Korea . An explosion is a likely explanation for explaining why no wreckage has been found yet, but according to the Chinese the wreckage should have still shown up on radar.


Maybe a collection of highly venomous snakes were released onto the plane and caused it to crash? Sadly not, as real life is not a Samuel L. Jackson movie.

But one theory is that the plane was carrying a large load of lithium ion batteries, which caught fire. The releasing toxic fumes would then knock out everyone on board, or so the argument goes. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that stupid – Boeing and battery fires do have a history, but saying that, there’s not a single scrap of evidence to support this theory.


This one is courtesy from the folk at Reddit, who’ve been discussing crazy theories. The whole thread shouldn’t be taken very seriously as they’re only discussing hypotheticals, but it does make you wonder whether these people are stoned for every waking moment of the day.

One in particular that strikes me is the idea that MH370 went back in time to the 1970s, made its way into American hands, who then reverse-engineered the technology to create the original 777 back in the 1980s. There’s plenty of reading material there, but just take it with a pinch of salt (ie, a bag of Monster Munch), would you?


According to The Mirror, this is a theory that the Malaysian Government has not ruled out. The idea that the plane was deliberately destroyed to get hold of a passenger’s life insurance payout is not that ridiculous if you consider that they may have got the pilot involved. It’s worth mentioning that there is absolutely no evidence for this, but if it were true it fits in well with what we know.

We know that the transponder was probably switched off manually, the last communication was nothing out of the ordinary, and the plane probably changed course. It’s not hard to believe that the pilot/co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane for some financial reason. Then again, this was the plot of an episode of Doctor Who…


We know from recent events that meteorites can cause a serious amount of damage, so what happened if the plane got hit by a meteor mid-flight? Well it would cause catastrophic damage to the plane, and CNN claims that there was a meteor spotted in the area. CNN does point out that it’s a very unlikely scenario for a meteor to hit such a small target, but that hasn’t stopped people taking it into consideration.

To be honest, though, considering the explosion from the Russian meteorite, you’d think someone would’ve noticed.


You have to admire conspiracy theorists and their lunacy, they do have rather vivid imaginations. One such theory is that the plane was hijacked by Iran who intend to transform it into a nuclear weapon. There’s no evidence for this whatsoever, just rampant speculation based on the fact that no wreckage, or bodies have been found. That didn’t stop a UKIP activist tweeting about how sensible a theory it was, though.


This one comes courtesy of everybody’s “favourite” media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who has declared that the plane was most likely hijacked and is hiding where the US and China can’t find it. What’s his theory? The plane is hiding in Northern Pakistan, “like Bin Laden.”

Now, considering Mr Murdoch began his professional life as a journalist, he should know better than to make wild accusations without evidence. Then again, this is the man who controls Fox News. In any case Murdoch’s theories don’t have any evidence to support them, and the distance from Southern Vietnam to Northern Pakistan is quite long – someone would’ve noticed.


As I mentioned before, there were some 20 employees from Freescale Semiconductor onboard flight MH370. One theory that has come to light is that, similar to the life insurance scam, the plane was deliberately destroyed to get hold of patent rights. Apparently, a patent was approved four days after the disappearance of the flight, and it’s being reported that the right to the patent were split five ways – 20% to Freescale Semiconductor and 20% each to four employees, all of whom were passengers on the plane. With them out of the way, Freescale Semiconductor have complete control of the patent (reportedly #8671381).


One of the biggest mysteries is how MH370 disappeared from the radar so suddenly. A theoryhas arisen that if the disappearance is down to the pilot, he could have shadowed another 777 aircraft in the vicinity in order to hide from radar pings.

The flight in question, Singapore Airlines 68, was in the same general area as MH370 at the time and a skilled pilot could follow closely enough to fly undetected. If this is the case it could mean the plane could be anywhere from Thailand to Turkmenistan.


Another theory from the folks at Reddit, this is less a theory and more rampant speculation. The user speculates that in the year 2040, humanity will be in the process of landing on the planet Mars when they discover the chassis of the missing MH370 embedded in the red rock.

The chances of this happening are absolutely miniscule, and maybe the person who wrote the post has been smoking too many drugs, but it’s an interesting read that’s worthy of its own science fiction novel.


Anyone who’s seem Lost will have instantly recognized the similarities between the disappearance of MH370 and the fictional Oceanic 815. Now, no-one is actually claiming that MH370 crashed on an island populated by polar bears and a smoke monster, but it is really spooky how similar the two stories actually are.

Even more so when you consider that it’s the programme’s 10th anniversary this year…(cast members have reportedly been told not to answer questions regarding the MH370 at the reunion).


All the theories I’ve talked about have mostly been put together with little, or no, evidence. But there is one theory that’s begun to circulate, one that actually could make a lot of sense. Posting on Google+, pilot Chris Goodfellow has speculated that the disappearance was caused by an on board fire, a fire that would have taken the transponder offline.

His reasoning is that the left turn the pilot made would put the plane on a course with Langkawi Airport in Malaysia, the closest airport from MH370′s last known location – an action that suggests something was wrong with the plane. But where did this fire come from?

His theory is that the front landing gear may have caught fire during takeoff due to a poorly inflated tyre (which has happened in the past). A tyre fire would cause incapacitating smoke that would take the pilot and copilot out of commission leaving the plane to cruise until the autopilot failed.

Until the plane’s black box is found then there’s no discernible proof that this is correct, but it’s the most plausible explanation we have so far.

Despite the abundance of theories available on the internet, we don’t have any solid evidence to be able to know exactly what happened to MH370.

Until we find the plane, it will remain one of life’s great mysteries – like why the dinosaurs died out, or why Firefly remains cancelled. Let’s just hope they find it soon, so the families of those on board can have some closure.

The following are taken from

Flight MH370 conspiracy theories: what happened to the missing plane?

Was Flight MH370 captured by aliens? Stolen by Israeli agents? Or turned invisible? A round-up of the best conspiracy theories


In the ongoing absence of any firm evidence about the fate of missing flight MH370, the world’s conspiracy theorists have weighed in with explanations of their own for the disappearance of the Malaysia Airways plane.

A lack of clarity from officials has allowed rumours to flourish. Relatives of some passengers on board the flight are planning to offer a $3m reward for information in the belief that details of the investigation are being withheld from them.

Even the Malaysian opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, has accused his country’s government of holding back “missing bits of information”. He asked how a country with “one of the most sophisticated” radar systems in the world could simply lose track of an aeroplane.

A poll conducted recently by CNN found that one in ten Americans believe that “space aliens, time travellers or beings from another dimension” were involved in the plane’s disappearance.

The recent claim that investigators can’t rule out the possibility that Flight MH370 landed rather than crashed after all only fuelled the debate: according to the CNN poll, 21 per cent of people believe that at least some people from the flight survived.

Since that poll was conducted,  Australian authorities have ruled out the area of the Indian Ocean on which they had been focusing. A new search over a much larger area of the seabed may take up to a year.

Far away from the scene of the search, on the internet’s more excitable fringes, individuals have been working on theories of their own to plug the information gaps. Here are some of the best (and weirdest):

Alien abduction

Five per cent of Americans surveyed by believe that the plane was abducted by aliens. Some bloggers have pointed to a number of recent UFO sightings in Malaysia as evidence for extraterrestrial intervention. Alexandra Bruce, from Forbidden Knowledge TV, “proves” the involvement of aliens with her analysis of radar data. She claims that footage posted on Youtube shows the presence of something that “can only be termed a UFO” in the skies over Malaysia. Of course, that means something that is “unidentified” rather than aliens.

A 9/11-style false-flag hijack mission

No conspiracy is complete without Israeli involvement, and MH370 is no exception. According to this theory, Israeli agents planned to crash the Malaysia Airways plane into a building, as in the September 11 attacks, and then blame the atrocity on Iran. Proponents point to the quick identification of two Iranian nationals travelling on forged passports, and claims that CCTV images released of the pair had been doctored. More extravagantly, some have claimed that a Malaysia Airways Boeing 777 identical to the one that went missing “had been stored in a hangar in Tel Aviv since November 2013”

The plane was shot down

A new book, Flight MH370 – The Mystery, suggests that the missing Malaysian Airways plane may have been shot down accidentally by US-Thai joint strike fighters in a military exercise in the South China Sea. The book also claims that search and rescue efforts were deliberately sent in the wrong direction as part of a cover-up, the Daily Mail reports.

The CIA is behind it

In a blog post, Malaysia’s former prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, wrote that he believes the US Central Intelligence Agency must know something about the plane’s fate. He also claimed that Boeing, the plane’s maker, and “certain” unnamed government agencies, are able to take control of commercial airliners such as the missing Boeing 777 remotely if necessary. “Airplanes don’t just disappear,” he wrote on his blog. “Certainly not these days with all the powerful communication systems, radio and satellite tracking and filmless cameras which operate almost indefinitely and possess huge storage capacities. … For some reason, the media will not print anything that involves Boeing or the CIA.”

The Bermuda Triangle

Ok, so the plane didn’t actually fly anywhere near Bermuda, but some people – including one Malaysian minister – pointed out that the area where MH370 vanished is on the exact opposite side of the globe to the Bermuda Triangle. Unfortunately those people are wrong; the exact opposite side of the globe is closer to the Caribbean than Bermuda, The Sunday Times notes.

High-tech hijacking

The disappearance of flight MH370 may be down to the world’s first cyber hijack, according to the Sunday Express. It says that hackers could have accessed the aircraft’s flight computer and reprogrammed the speed, altitude and direction. “It could then be landed or made to crash by remote control,” the paper suggests. It may be worth noting that the woman who came up with the theory “runs her own company training businesses and governments to counter terrorist attacks”.

HAARP caused flight MH370 to crash

Bringing together two favourite subjects of conspiracy theorists, some have suggested that the US government’s recently closed HAARP research facility could have caused the Malaysian Airlines flight to crash. “Could HAARP be an explanation for the puzzlement that surrounds the mystery of what has happened to the plane?” asks one contributor to Goldlike Productions – a self-described “conspiracy theorists and lunatic fringe” website. The plane may have gone off course because “HAARP was affecting radar systems”. Pouring scorn on the theory, another reader counters: “it didn’t crash so your theory is BS”.


According to reports, 20 employees of Freescale Semiconductor, a company that develops “cloaking” technology were onboard the MH370 when it went missing. Some, such as the writers of, have speculated that the plane may have been turned invisible and landed somewhere, possibly at the US Air Force base in Diego Garcia.

A weapon of unimaginable power

Writing for, Mike Adams says that the plane’s disappearance shows that “some entirely new, mysterious and powerful force is at work on our planet which can pluck airplanes out of the sky without leaving behind even a shred of evidence”. If a weapon capable of making a plane disappear without trace does exist, then “whoever controls it already has the ability to dominate all of Earth’s nations with a fearsome military weapon of unimaginable power”, Adams writes. Quite concerning.

MH370 itself could be used as a weapon

Some people have expressed concern that the aeroplane may have been hijacked by terrorists and landed somewhere, to be used as a weapon at a later date. The proponents of the theory suggest that the plane could have been flown to a safe place, landed and camouflaged and may, at some point, be used to commit a 9/11-style atrocity. Former RAF navigator Sean Maffett told the BBC that in his view this would be very hard to do, but that the possibility cannot be ruled out. “We are now at stage where very, very difficult things have to be considered as all sensible options seem to have dropped off,” he said.

Passengers deliberately killed

Another theory suggests that passengers may have been killed by decompression. If the 777 was deliberately flown to over 45,000 feet, the cabin could have depressurised. In such an event oxygen masks would deploy, but they would have supplied air for only another 12 to 15 minutes. Anyone in the cockpit would also have been killed, but supporters of the theory say that the pilots or hijackers could have smuggled their own oxygen supply onto the flight.

MH370 hid in shadow of another flight

Blogger Keith Ledgerwood argues that the MH370 may have hidden itself from radar detection by manoeuvring itself behind Singapore Airlines flight 68. “It is my belief that MH370 likely flew in the shadow of SIA68 through India and Afghanistan airspace. As MH370 was flying ‘dark’ without a transponder, SIA68 would have had no knowledge that MH370 was anywhere around, and as it entered Indian airspace, it would have shown up as one single blip on the radar with only the transponder information of SIA68 lighting up ATC and military radar screens”, Ledgerwood wrote. Professor Hugh Griffiths, a radar expert at University College London, told the BBC that the theory was feasible, but estimates that to escape detection, the planes would have needed to have flown no more than 3,300 feet from one another. And even then military radar, which is more subtle, could possibly have detected one plane from the other.

What drives conspiracy theories?
David Aaronovitch author of Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy in Shaping Modern History, told the Sunday Times: “Given that people can make conspiracy theories out of something that is fully explained, like the moon landings, it’s not surprising that they will fill the void in a genuine mystery with conspiracy theories. Essentially these people can’t face the thought of chaos. They can’t face the role of accident and contingency in life; they have to attribute agency.” ·

The following are taken from

The conspiracy theories surrounding missing flight MH370

IT HAS been three days without any information on missing flight MH370. The internet is imploding. Armchair detectives are saturating forums with wide-ranging theories about what happened.

In the age of information, not having answers instantly is like being stuck in a hole for months without water. Hell on Earth.

Oil slicks, stretching for metres across the ocean, gave us the first glimpse of hope. The spotting of an orange object, thought to be a life raft, got Twitter buzzing like crazy. A door floating in the South China Sea made plane watchers convulse in excitement. But one by one, all of what we thought was a scrap of a clue to help us solve the mystery has been dismissed.

The MH370 conspiracy theories

Where is flight MH370? Source: AFP


So what do we know about the missing flight?

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, also marketed as China Southern Airlines flight 748, went missing over the South China Sea on Saturday morning local time. The Boeing 777-200ER was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew members. The flight departed at 00:41 MST on the 8th of March and air traffic control lost contact at 01:30 MST as it flew over the Gulf of Thailand. It was cruising at 35,000 feet and the skies were clear. No distress signal was deployed.

Here are the conspiracies from the strange, dark corners of the web.

Conspiracy theorists unite!

Conspiracy theorists unite! Source: Supplied


Terrorist attack

This is the number one theory. Authorities disclosed information two passengers were travelling onboard flight MH370 with passports stolen in Thailand and authorities are investigating “additional suspect passports”. Information also has been released regarding five passengers who checked in with luggage but did not board.

This morning, a terrorist group claimed they were responsible for the attack by sending an email to Chinese media. Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade, unheard of before now, wrote: You kill one of our clan, we will kill 100 of you as pay back.” Authorities say it is most likely a hoax.

The fact terrorism has not been entirely discounted by authorities, has led to more speculation.

The plane’s disappearance also coincidentally happened just a week after knife-wielding assailants killed 29 people at a train station in Kunming, China. The killings have been linked to China’s Uighur Muslim minority group.


Heading for Kimmy.

Heading for Kimmy. Source: Supplied


It’s in North Korea

It is easy to blame the most secretive nation in the world — and that is exactly what some theorists have done. The plane had enough fuel to get to North Korea, the government would allow the plane in, and the North Koreans have done it before.

Onereddit user thinks it is so clear it is North Korea, as they are simply “bat sh*t crazy”.

“There’s no telling what crazy logic they might have for taking a plane. They literally have no grasp of reality and have been caught red handed kidnapping foreigners, making sh*t up and generally being douches.”

The missing hour

Some publications initially questioned the veracity of the timeline of events. Malaysia Airlines originally said the plane took off at 12.41am Malaysian time, and at 2.40am it disappeared from radar in Subang, Kuala Lumpur.

A spokesman then confirmed the last conversation took place at 1.30am between the flight crew and air traffic control in Malaysia, but reiterated the plane did not vanish from air traffic control systems until 2.40am.

After mass confusion and many conspiracy theories sprouting from the timeline discrepancy, Malaysian Airlines updated the public records to state the last time of radar tracking at 1.22am and the last contact at 1.30am.

Some believe there is no point searching.

Some believe there is no point searching. Source: AP


The plane is in a secret airport

Conspiracy theorists say terrorists could have cut the transponders, dropped below the radar and flown the plane to an isolated airport somewhere in Vietnam — left over from the Vietnam War. The plane had at least seven hours worth of fuel on board and this theory is supported by the lack of wreckage.

The theory goes further with the possibility the plane could have been ‘ cloaked’ technology that uses a hexagonal array of glasslike panels to bend light around an object.

There are suggestions this theory could be linked to the 20 passengers on board who worked for Texas company Freescale.

Citizen news site, said: “It is conceivable that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane is “cloaked,” hiding with hi-tech electronic warfare weaponry that exists and is used. In fact, this type of technology is precisely the expertise of Freescale, that has 20 employees on board the missing flight”.

Why would they want the plane? Apparently to use as a weapon of mass destruction, 9/11 style.


Hidden plane


The phones are ringing but no one is answering

Some media outlets are claiming relatives are calling the phones of their loved ones who were on the plane, but although they hear ringing no one is picking up at the other end.

“This morning, around 11:40 [am], I called my older brother’s number twice, and I got the ringing tone,” said Bian Liangwei, sister of one of the passengers. She then called again at 2pm and said she heard it ring another time.

According to obscure media reports, 19 families have signed a statement saying they had called their family member’s mobile phone and heard it ring. They are pleading with the authorities to release more information.

The moment the flight vanished.

The moment the flight vanished. Source: AFP


MAS spokesman Ignatius Ong dismissed the reports, saying he had personally called one of the phones and failed to connect.

“I myself have called the number five times while the airline’s command centre also called the number. We got no answering tone,” he said.

This “truth” feeds the theory that the plane has in fact not crashed, and may be parked and waiting to be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Stuck in ‘delay’.

Stuck in ‘delay’. Source: Supplied

There was a censored passenger on the flight

One version of the passenger manifest has been circulating on the web with Passenger 84’s name blurred out.

The ‘secret’ passenger.

The ‘secret’ passenger. Source: Supplied


Luckily, a reddit user uncovered the “truth”:

“Apparently on Chinese social media (i.e. netizens), there is a photo of a passengers list which includes all passenger names and information. On this picture, the name of passenger 84 is blurred out. Apparently the rumour among the netizens is that Passenger 84 is Uyghur, an ethnic group in China.”

Revealed. Although it has been released by the airline.

Revealed. Although it has been released by the airline. Source: Supplied


Unfortunately for them, the official version released by Malaysia Airlines did not have anyone’s name blurred out.Back to the drawing board.

Did I mention aliens?

Did I mention aliens? Source: Supplied


When something like a commercial jet vanishes into thin air and no explanation makes any sense and the government is hiding something and the Deep Web has no answers and the airline won’t share the “truth”, there is only one possible conclusion a logically, sane-minded person can come to — ALIENS.

The truth is out there.

The following are taken


Flight MH370: 17 conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines plane

As the search continues, so do the conspiracy theories that continue to grow. Here we take a look at some of the most sinister and craziest

The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is ongoing and there is still no end in sight.

With no news on the fate of the plane, there is only theory and suspicion about what could have happened to the plane and the 239 people on board

The search is continuing in the southern Indian Ocean, but it is now purely an underwater search as any chance of debris on the surface of the water has all but disappeared.

Here’s our guide to some of the best – and craziest – conspiracy theories surrounding missing flight MH370.

Plane was shot down during military ops

A shocking new book claims that missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may have been accidentally shot down and the search for survivors covered up.

‘Flight MH370: The Mystery ’ makes the incredible allegation that the airline was shot down by US-Thai strike fighters as part of a training drill that went horribly wrong.

But just 71 days after the Boeing 777 vanished carrying 239 people from 14 nations relatives say the UK published work is ‘too soon’ and ‘too insensitive’.

The book says the drill was to involve mock warfare on land, in water and in the air, and would include live-fire exercises.

It adds: “Say a participant accidentally shot down Flight MH370. Such things do happen. No one wants another Lockerbie, so those involved would have every reason to keep quiet about it.”

Rapper “predicted loss of plane”

Rapper Pitbull predicted that Flight MH370 would go missing two YEARS ago, it has been suggested.

Conspiracy theorists have been drawing comparisons between the lyrics of his 2012 track Get It Started and the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the plane on March 8.

Lines in the song, which features a guest appearance from Colombian singer Shakira, include: “Now it’s off to Malaysia” and “Two passports, three cities, two countries, one day.”



Viewers on YouTube are convinced the two passports is a reference to the stolen Austrian and Italian passports used by two Iranians to board MH370.

They also believe the three cities refer to the capital cities of Malaysia, China and Vietnam and the two countries are Malaysia and Vietnam.

Ex-PM joins conspiracy theorists

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad recently accused the CIA of known the whereabouts of flight MH370.

He said in a blog that someone was hide something because if the plane’s GPS system failed then Boeing or the US government agency would know why.

In his latest blog, the 88-year-old suggests that in the event of the jet being hijacked, then control of the aircraft could have been remotely activated elsewhere.

He said: “Clearly Boeing and certain agencies have the capacity to take over uninterruptible control of commercial airliners of which MH370 B777 is one.

He added: “Someone is hiding something. It is not fair that MAS and Malaysia should take the blame.”

US military base conspiracy

The United States have been forced to flatly deny claims that the plane landed at its military base on the remote island of Diego Garcia.

There were strong rumours that the jetliner could have headed for the small coral atoll in the Indian Ocean, which sits around 3,500km from Malaysia.

However, a spokesman for the US embassy in the Malaysian capital said there was no truth in this speculation.

He told Malaysia’s Star newspaper by email: “There was no indication that MH370 flew anywhere near the Maldives or Diego Garcia.

“MH370 did not land in Diego Garcia.”

Afghan hijacking

Reuters U.S. armoured vehicles are parked outside a U.S. base in Panjwai district Kandahar provincw
U.S. armoured vehicles are parked outside a U.S. base in Panjwai district Kandahar province


A Russian newspaper claimed MH370 has been hijacked and flown to Afghanistan, where the crew and passengers are now being held captive.

A military source reportedly told the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper: “Flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines missing on March 8 with 239 passengers was hijacked.

“Pilots are not guilty; the plane was hijacked by unknown terrorists. We know that the name of the terrorist who gave instructions to pilots is “Hitch.

“The plane is in Afghanistan not far from Kandahar near the border with Pakistan.”

Others have since gone on to indicate that the passengers have been divided into seven groups and are living in mud huts with almost no food.

MH370 ‘hid’ behind another plane

Early in the search it was suggested that the plane may have hidden from detection under another plane.

Blogger Keith Ledgerwood suggested: “It is my belief that MH370 likely flew in the shadow of [Singapore Airlines flight] 68 through India and Afghanistan airspace.

“As MH370 was flying ‘dar’ without a transponder, SIA 68 would have had no knowledge that MH370 was anywhere around as it entered Indian airspace, it would have shown up as one single blip on the radar with only the transponder information of SIA68 lighting up ATC and military radar screens”.

This theory was described as feasible but the planes would have to be within 3,300ft of each other.

Alien abduction

Social media users have jumped on the possibility of extraterrestrial life having something to do with the missing plane.

One user wrote: “After an extensive conversation with my father & his partner, we have come to the conclusion that the only explanation is #aliens mh370.”

Another added: “I secretly believe that plane is abducted by aliens.. I know I’m not the only one..”

And one user even said there were only two possibilities for its disappearance, aliens or a DB Cooper-style heist.

He wrote: “This Malaysian airlines flight has the potential to be either the greatest heist since DB Cooper, or alien abduction. I vote aliens.”




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