The reason why I started this blog was because I wanted to make it a hobby for me to forget all my problems. As a 16 year old, I’ve probably experienced a lot of stuff that most teenagers my age would not have experienced. It’s been a really hard challenge for me to cope with my severe depression. Just last month, I was diagnosed with mild schizophrenia. Now, I need to deal with the prospect of bone cancer. Life is really hard for me now. I’ve lost people that I care about. I’ve lost friends, family. A 33 year old man is in cahoots with 20 year olds to bully me. That is really inhumane. All I ever wanted was to be loved and cherished by people who really cared. I have yet to realise who these people are. Maybe I have but have yet to acknowledge them. All I know that if my cancer ( if it really is cancer) takes the better of me, probably I will finally see who are the ones who will really care for me. Probably by then, it’ll be too late. The only person who meant everything to me is my boyfriend DS. He is probably the only one who really cared for me, who really was there when I needed him. The one who made me feel better. Even though we fight, I still cherish him and I regret the mistakes that I made. I never want to lose him. DS, I REALLY LOVE YOU. I don’t ever want to lose you.


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