Movie Reviews- Jurassic World and Insidious 3

Hey guys, I’m back! So for this post, I’m going to be sharing my review on 2 great movies I have watched over the holidays. Specifically, it’s Jurassic World and Insidious 3. Over the holidays, I went to the local cinema to watch these 2 movies and I really enjoyed both movies.

Personally, I felt that Insidious 3 was rather dull compared to the first two movies but it was also less terrifying and has a surprising thematic depth to it about how love will never fade away. The storyline was okay and I liked how the suspense and tension is created and those ” jumpy” scenes scares the shit out of you. Overall, I would give it a 60%

Jurassic World will probably be my favourite movie for 2015. I liked how they shifted the storyline from being an island just dedicated to breeding dinosaurs to a theme park. The visuals were amazing and the suspense and tension also makes it all the more interesting. However, like all the other movies, the storyline was rather cliche as the same thing always happens – a dinosaur ( usually    the dangerous ones like the T-Rex or Spinosaurus) escapes and goes on a killing spree around the island. Then again, that was the point of the movie. Overall, I would give it a 95%.

So there you go, 2 movie reviews. I’ll be doing more soon, so just keep a lookout for them okay. I’ll see you guys soon


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