Wrap Up for Friday, 7th of August 2015

So this post is basically a wrap-up of what I did for today.

I woke up rather early today, at 5am because my alarm went off. I thought I had to get ready for school but I realised it was a holiday. So I tried to sleep again but I just could not. I was tossing and turning in bed. So I finally decided to get out of bed and decided to head down to the neighbourhood park of an early morning jog. I jogged for roughly 5 km which took me an hour and I was super tired after that. I went home and hydrated myself before treating myself to a warm, relaxing Jacuzzi bath. After my bath, I was just too lazy and tired to cook breakfast so I headed down to the nearby McDonalds for my Breakfast Deluxe which consisted of 1 chicken burger, scrambled egg, 2 pancakes as well as a cup of cappuccino. I really loved it, probably one of those rare times where I actually have McDonalds for breakfast. After that, I went home and it was already around 10.30am. I decided to watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 on DVD. I managed to watch 3 episodes but most of the time, my eyes were glued to my phone.

In the afternoon, I got bored being at home so I decided to head into town. However, it was raining in the afternoon so I did not really enjoy my day in town. I left home at around 2 and decided to head to Bugis. When I reached Bugis, I decided to head to Bugis Junction to do a little window-shopping. But first, I decided to head to Starbucks because I cannot resist their frappes. It’s GOLD. After the agonising long queue, I went around looking for stuff at Bugis Junction. I saw Typo there and I could not resist their cute and adorable products. I decided to give myself a treat. I went in and bought 3 pens- one had a skull design to it, another had a owl design and the last one had a Big Ben design on it. I also bought a drawing journal for myself and since a friend’s birthday is coming up, I decided to get her a cute pencil pouch. In total, I spent about 50 dollars. But I felt it was worth it. Next, I went to Bugis Street to get some new clothes. I went around and got myself some shorts as well as a new shirt for myself. I also needed some new sunglasses- particularly those Ray-bands and I fell in love with a skull-studded clutch that was on sale for 15 dollars. But unfortunately, I went broke. So I decided to head home disheartened.

After a day out in town, I was really tired so I decided to rest and relax in the evening. I decided to read ” Kissed” by Cameron Dokey. I loved the book because I found it intriguing and full of suspense. I absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking for a new book to read. “Kissed” is really good and I think you will enjoy it. After reading one story in the book, I decided to turn on my laptop and write another post for the blog. I hope you guys will love my blog more, because I will be posting educational and yet fun content for all of you.

I’ll see you guys soon. Bye


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